Monday, September 12, 2011

The best part of "I told you so"

Back in a post titled Sturm und Drang I wrote about the jerk who parked a leaky illegal moped in the building during Hurricane Irene. When I first saw the machine outside  I said the cops would eventually confiscate it, or confiscate it & write at least four summonses, each costing  $200 or more, & named them. I said if he was lucky, the city attorney might drop three if he plead out to one & paid the fine in cash. The knucklehead said cops had seen him driving it & did nothing. I said, "Do you see any electric or gasoline scooters around town anymore?"  But he's  the kind of guy who never says "No" to the voice of his inner asshole. After the Irene incident I gave him the cold shoulder & complained to the landlord.

Then I noticed that when he was hanging outside on the stoop, which he does for many hours each day,  he wouldn't even look at me as I went in & out of the building, total eye aversion, like a guilty little kid. I never saw the moped again.  I figure he either busted it completely or, even better, the cops took it. The latter  would make me in his mind an eerily prescient person.  The best part of "I told you so" is never saying it or even insinuating it.


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