Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sturm und Drang

Hurricane Irene.  Power went off here around 4:30 am, I was in bed in darkened room listening to the wind & the radio. Late this afternoon power was still off.  I went out to look around, see if 7-11 was open & get some coffee. Right up the corner the traffic lights were working & all the apt buildings had power. I thought, shoot, that's on my electric grid, which means maybe just my building is out, & if that's so it's a very low PSE&G priority. I bought some coffee, walked down Morris Ave. past Copacabana Diner & Burger King, didn't see any serious tree damage & no signs the Elizabeth River had flooded. Got back to my place & the power was on. I asked "Mr. I don't know," a little old guy on the first floor who may or may not be as stupid as he acts (I think much of it is habitual survival instinct from wherever he used to live) how recently the power had come on. He didn't know.

There was some local flooding & fallen trees around Elizabeth, but it was mainly  Sturm und Drang, beautiful noise, not much more damage than we get from severe thunderstorms.

Frank's leaky illegal moped
Unfortunately, I have to deal strongly with another tenant here, a beer drunk with terrible judgment.  Yesterday, before the storm hit, he was out front with a completely illegal gasoline-powered moped. The laws regulating street-legal mopeds in Jersey are so narrow & strict  you might as well just get a motorcycle or motor scooter.  You can't even ride an electric razor scooter on public street or sidewalk here.  I pointed out to Frank that the police could, & eventually will confiscate the moped, he'll never get it back, there's a city garage somewhere in Elizabeth filled with illegal motorized vehicles. More likely, Frank will either crash the moped or just break it.  It's a piece of crap, converted cheap Walmart Chinese bike. I said I didn't care what he did as long as he didn't bring it in the building.   Around 10 pm last night, I smelled the strong odor of a gasoline/oil mix. I went into the hall. Frank had parked the moped on the landing between the first & second floor.  The whole building stunk of it.  I took some photos. I wish I could've bottled the smell. The only reason I didn't call the police then & there was because Irene was blowing in.  I could hear distant sirens.  But I cannot let it pass.  This man is dangerous to the building.


If that were to have happened in my neck of the woods, the first thing we would have done was put sugar in the gas tank. Ha ha ha. That alone would fuck up the moped! Then just for fun, we might have unscrewed the seat, loosened the bolts on the handle bars, maybe even took off a pedal or both. You get my drift.
That occurred to me. But I'm not out for his bike. I'm out for him.
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