Friday, July 11, 2008

A backhoe crunched a Verizon cable by the new school. That's hearsay, probably true.

The Verizon robot voice says service will be restored by 11 am July 14.

Every day a guy drives up in a Verizon repair truck, sets out orange road cones, rides the cherrypicker up the pole on the corner, fiddles around with the connections for a short while, descends, collects the road cones, & leaves. I think he's doing it for show.

Optimum cable trucks have been common in the neighborhood all week.

Last night we had a domestic disturbance on the first floor, a disturbed young tenant who was self-medicating with six packs. This is very rare in my building. The police were summoned via cell phone. But if we had a fire & yanked the hallway alarm, the bells would clang here but the Elizabeth fire dept would not receive the message.

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