Monday, March 10, 2008

Client 9

NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer did not resign today after he was implicated in a bust of a pricy prostitution ring. His Mr. Clean rep as NY State Attorney General included the high profile prosecution of a Staten Island call girl operation. Former Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey tried to appoint his alleged gay boy toy in charge of state homeland security. Then, there's the remarkable physical similarity of their shocked wives. Mrs. McG, though, had a double freak about what her hubby was doin' with his thang. Add appropriate Bill & Hillary photo for a Democratic trifecta. Note the ties & lapel pins. Jim's stripes slant down Bloods right, Eliot's Crips left.

The fiction writers at Faux News decided the minimal facts available this afternoon were insufficient & reported Spitzer was resigning. Instead, the Gov made a terse statement & left the podium. [He will resign. I wouldn't bet a nickel on his marriage surviving. either. Apparently, Spitzer was a regular customer, & paying a premium rate for unprotected sex.]

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Nerds like me notice the train numbers of the Amtrak train that the young lady rode from NYC to Washington. Either her agent or Client 9 paid for a regular Northeast Corridor train rather than the pricier Acela Express. I'm gonna speculate that if Client 9 was charged for an Acela Express ticket but the call girl was given tickets to a regular Amtrak train, did someone pocket the $200 price difference?
We're probably gonna get the answer to that question. They're the kind of details media would rather report than, say, how many lies Bush tells everyday.

But aren't call girls like 2nd rate moving companies? They never include the extras in the estimate.
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