Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good Scenery

This is what we've come to expect as preholiday weather in Jersey: temps in the fifties & rain & wind. An old friend flying in from California tonight to visit his mom, due to arrive at Newark around midnight, a hypothetical time. I have no idea how he's getting from the airport to his mom's house. A fine poet and a sane person, proving they are not mutually exclusive. Actually, many poets go crazy because their observational skills force them to see reality too clearly. My friend had the good sense to leave Jersey twenty years ago, realizing, like Mark Twain, that good scenery does improve ham & eggs. Years ago, another friend working some dreary, underpaying job near Albuquerque sent me a photo of the view out her back door: a fence, a burro, empty space, & beautiful mountains in the distance.
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The storm blew out & now there's a full moon.

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