Monday, November 05, 2007

Ticket please!

On the train from Newark yesterday, a young drunk in the seat behind me had no ticket, claiming his two friends in the next car had it. He was traveling to Belmar on the Jersey shore. The conductor said, "I'll get back to you." A few minutes later he came back, said the ticket would be $17 & change, the drunk said he had no money but would look for his friends. The conductor said, "You've got plenty of stops," as a warning he wouldn't forget. The drunk went stumbling into the next car. He returned scowling, red-faced, headed in the other direction. As we pulled into Elizabeth, I said to the man in the seat next to me, "I'm glad I'm getting off the train now. That is one nasty-looking drunk guy, his friends dumped him, he's gonna get sick, too, before or after they kick him off."

I spent 7 dollars at the WFMU Record Fair. Just before close, a nearby dealer abandoned boxes of "unsellable" product. I found a few classical rekkids I had to rescue, including Stokowski conducting Beethoven's 9th, & a 4 disk set of Schubert piano music by a pianist I like in nearly unplayed condition. They had too much dignity to go in the dumpster, although I wouldn't have bought them. I'll transfer some to CD. Also from those boxes of freebies, I replaced my worn copy of Golden Goodies Vol 15, which contains "Symbol of Love" & "Cause You're Mine" by the G Clefs - the latter an all time fav jive doo wop with a loony sax break in the middle; & grabbed Oldies But Goodies Vol. 6 for "You Were Mine" by The Fireflies ("You were mine at the time, & the feeling was sublime.").

About an hour into my shift Sunday at the Record Fair El Cheapo one dollar record tables, management decided to make the price 25 cents. It was a great idea. Some customers had been lingering over the boxes since I arrived. The tables became a feeding frenzy. The Fair began Friday night, all through the event the one dollar stock had been replenished as needed. But even I recognized much of the vinyl from years past, hauled from the WFMU storeroom to the New York & back. Just get rid of it. About a half an hour before closing, the remarkable decision was made to give away whatever remained. People walked away with huge stacks. Even so, we boxed thousands of leftovers at the end. DJ Jason Das & I diiscussed why neither of us went for the LP of 10th Century Liturgical Chant with the attractive cover. We agreed that we liked the idea of an album of really, really old music, but we'd never listen to it.

I do not enjoy the PATH 33rd Street train, slow curves with shrieking metal wheels & a tube laid in a Hudson River mud trench rather than drilled through bedrock.

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