Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Marketts - Bat Cape

From the album "Batman Theme" (1966). The famed Wrecking Crew L.A. session musicians doing professional work on a bunch of silly, likable novelties. At WFMU, I was never able to settle on an "out theme,"  the talkover music for closing  the show. Depends on how close I ran a set to the end - sometimes there's no time for any, how much back-announcing I needed to do,  plus the 45 seconds it took me to say goodbye, announce the next DJ, & give my tag line, "Until that time, just close your eyes & pretend to be asleep." But "Bat Cape" was a good one among many I liked for it.

"Until that time" is from Jackie Gleason in Soldier In The Rain. "Just close your eyes & pretend to be asleep" is from Jack Nicholson as a late night radio talk show  monologist in King of Marvin Gardens, two of my favorite "small" movies.

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