Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 12/12/12 concert was almost completely skewed to the age 40+ white audience. Why not? They got the money, they suffered the worse property losses. The  two Black artists, Kanye West & Alicia Keys, were for me the flops of the evening. West sounded horrible on the radio. I think a lot of people got ready for bed during his set & never returned. Keys sung a shamefully bad song about "holding up your cellphones for love" in which she also advised, "Everything's gonna be alright." This audience, nostalgic for Eighties MTV. really needed Prince or, sadly, Michael Jackson.

Who wants to hear Springsteen's new material?

The Who made it for me, especially Bellboy, an unusual choice,  with the tribute to Keith Moon. We should be grateful Sir Paul didn't sing "Hey Jude," or more pathetically, Lennon's "Imagine."

All the talk about "working class" people, I suppose one can think of unionized cops & firefighters earning $80,000 plus OT as working class in spirit. There are damned nice split levels down there in Bon Jovi's hometown Sayreville, & Toms River.  In a backstage interview Springsteen mentioned Sea Bright, the  sliver of sand with one of the highest per capita incomes in Jersey, across the bridge from his own  exclusive town. I haven't shed a tear for Sea Bright, which exists because of the generosity of big government & the unending care of the Army Corps of Engineers.  The damage to bayshore communities Union Beach & Atlantic Highlands, though, is heartbreaking. The Union Beach volunteer fire dept had its firehouses wrecked. They were in the newspaper recently begging for individual  donations. I commented, seriously, that they should threaten to disband. The idea of Union Beach having to pay for professional fire services ought to scare the town  government into writing a few grants & renting some temporary quarters.  Nobody in Jersey wants to reach into their wallets & pay for another town's fire dept, except at carnivals & spaghetti dinners. As it is. the state's suburban taxpayers subsidize all the urban depts.

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