Sunday, December 23, 2012

creeping dysfunction

One of my FB friends posts he's looking forward to a good Christmas & relaxing a few days out of state.

A few minutes later, his mom, who lives near him, comments: "You are going away???"   The day before Christmas Eve & it's the first she's heard of it.

His cousin then calls him a "Weirdo." Among the older (my) generation in that family, weirdo was the all-purpose word for a Democrat, a non-protestant, a vegetarian, a woman with a college degree, & anyone who liked jazz. Someone in the younger generation is carrying on the tradition.

My FB friend  comments that they're visiting his wife's relatives.

Then to rub it in (inadvertantly?), his wife comments: "Yay! I can't wait."

One of  the benefits of marriage is that it can open an exit door in your own family.

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