Friday, December 28, 2012

Not feeling physically well this week, typical for depressive people around Christmas during the darkest week of the year in the Northern hemisphere. We had a Nor'easter on Wednesday night. The electricity stayed on. Thunder as the long tail of the storm blew threw, literally a 60 mile long, ten mile wide band of rain moving north that passed over Elizabeth.

My friend Gina will be very busy for the next two months as she moves her fine framing business from large space in a strip mall to a free standing building about a mile away near the center of Millburn NJ. It's an expensive proposition, getting the new space in order, but the rent there  will save her  a  bundle. The old location wasn't doing her any good. The owners of the strip mall couldn't keep the other  retail spaces occupied, including the anchor space that should have something like a large chain clothing store. in it.   The economy for  her kind of business has not been good since several  years before the current recession. Much of her corporate work went away; framing for new or expanding offices.  But she can be profitable functioning as a smaller business with lower  expenses, & still be able to do corporate work. She's shown  sacrifice & remarkable perseverence hanging on to her small staff.  Forunately, has a part time guy wrking as a sort of project manager, frees her from having to micromanage the move. She has keep running her business & minimize down time.

I don't underestimate the hassles. I moved a smaller business & it was hard enough. But I also went through two total relocations of WFMU, where I had no responsibilities but was quite aware of the details & headaches & daily unexpected problems. The manager felt free,  rightly so,  to unburden himself with older DJS when he found us sitting in the kitchen. It was the daily shit he couldn't put in the staff memos or e mails.

I am also thinking of downsizing. If a single unit opens up in my building, that will be sweet. If not, I know I can get a place for half of what I am paying for this 750 square foot apartment. I use the spare bedroom for a drop off of laundry. That sucks, and is a waste of room.
I got so lucky in that respect or I was headed for at a least period of homelessness. I was referred into an independent nonprofit mental health organization with a homeless prevention & supportive housing as one of its units. The social workers were old school, all women, Sixties & Seventies MSWs. They have a network of allies in government offices. Had group homes & rent subsidy set-asides. I had no history of drug abuse, crazy public behavior, & I bathed, shaved & wore clean clothes everyday no matter how fucked up I felt. I had an excellent record of making rent payments on time before the shit hit the fan. I could fill out forms legibly. I was a low risk client for them.
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