Thursday, November 01, 2012

Riots at the pumps?

We may be on the verge of a breakdown in social order in Jersey. The irony is, it'll happen mainly in suburbia, over the unavailability of gasoline because gas stations have no power. There are enormous lines at the ones that do.  One radio commentator correctly noted it was a foreseeable problem  no one foresaw, correctable with gasoline-powered generators, fuel supplied by the gas  station. We've never had a storm that knocked out so much power for so long with no end in sight. If enough gas stations get power, soon enough, the problem will rapidly go away.

But people not only need cars to go to work, as the food spoils they  also have to forage. There's no point in going to my regular supermarket in Elizabeth. I have plenty of canned food. The market won't have any frozen or refrigerated food yet,  & whatever comes in I'm sure will be grabbed up right away.

There's much grumbling in New York City about the NY Marathon going forward this weekend, & increasing accusations that wealthy neighborhoods are getting better service. That's not true in Jersey. Here, many wealthy neighborhoods are low on the  list because they have so many downed trees, & a fallen tree  may affect power to one block or one home. It doesn't get priority.

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