Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Boss with the Juice

The Boss with the real juice came to New Jersey yesterday. His name is Obama. FEMA is his agency.  Gov. Christie, like most of us who grew up here, was a boardwalk & shore kid. He showed the President the misery at the shore & filled him in on the misery elsewhere.

Aerial video of inlet the storm cut through Mantoloking from ocean to Barnegat Bay, on the barrier beach north of Seaside Heights. Some of these houses had withstood the worst the Atlantic had thrown at them for 70, 80 years. In the '62 storm, two inlets were cit through Long Beach Island. It's actually a natural, reoccurring phenomenon, good for the health of the bay, that development prevents. The inlet will bulldozed in quickly, if it doesn't close up itself.

Meanwhile, Mitt was holding a bogus "storm relief" event in Ohio. On Tuesday he compared disaster relief to cleaning up a football field after a game. He should have gone to Colorado, far away, said he was being briefed on the situation, wished everyone well, & deferred all other questions.

Back after the first debate, I noted the President couldn't come on stage & say he had been dealing with the real world all day: heading off a war between our NATO ally Turkey & Syria. I hope this reminds everyone Mitt has only one job: candidate.

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