Thursday, November 22, 2012

Some Thanksgiving graphic silliness on Facebook:

Because I believe
in family
I pledge to

If I'm shopping, someone else is working
and NOT spending time
with their family

Everyone deserves
a Holiday. 

If she was not planning on shopping today anyway (probably the case), why turn it into a moral crusade? We all know the Black Friday thing is out of control. Lots of people work on Thanksgiving. Some of them have too. Some of them aren't paid enough money to do it. Some of them are. Some want to  work:  restaurant wait staff, bartenders & car valets - profitable day for them.

The upshot: People have to work in retail stores whether you shop or not. There are stores where the moral choice is not to shop at them ever, on any day.

(I worked at a large art supply store that closed on certain holidays not out of any concern for employees, but because there wouldn't be enough business to warrant calling in the 25 or so  minimum staff needed to open it.)

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