Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Waiting for the so-called "Frankenstorm." This one really does look big & dangerous, made especially so because it is slow-moving. This shoves more water into tidal estuaries & bays, piling up successive high tides;  causes much more wind damage;  & brings a lot more rainfall. Our rivers aren't very large but they fill up quickly. Hurricane Irene in August 2011 was expected to be a major coastal weather event. Jersey shore was evacuated at the height of the sunnmer season, Atlantiic City shut down. In most places the tourists could have stayed. What happened was that North Jersey had massive destructive flooding where it had never occurred before, as well as in all the usual locations.

I expect power to go out here. How long it stays out is anyone's guess. I'm on a weak power grid, get many minor power failures. I wouldn't expect it ro be a week, or even 24 hours. My friend Gina is a few blocks away, sometimes her power stays on. when mine goes off.  She'll drive over &  rescue me if that situation occurs, we can watch Weather Channel & her massive collection of Dark Shadow DVDs together & nod out on the couch with  her cats crawling over us. I'm making some egg & tuna salads ahead of time so I have nosh foods handy I can pull out of the fridge without keeping the door open.

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