Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binders full of women

The bus downtown today stopped in front of a small store called Toy Gamelan. I was so astonished I didn't notice a tree limb was covering the "d" until the bus moved.

I don't like downtown. Forced to go there on occasion to buy stuff. High point is library. Then ugly, over-heated crowded stores looking  for some quality  item I need from among the crap.

Rather odd comment by Mitt during last night's "debate." For many years I kept a journal/scrapbook. At the end of each year I moved it from a three ring binder to a two hole cardboard binder & began a new one. The journals petered out with the Internet & especially after I began a blog. I make a few intimate entries each year into a file titled "diary." It doesn't get much. Some of the old journals have a good deal of obsessive writing following breakups with girlfriends, as I tried to write out of my broken hearts & disappointments. I doubt it helped much. I think I combed all the drafts of good  poems out of them.  But maybe there was a woman hiding in them somewhere. Maybe I'm not living alone. I searched. Alas, no women, only a lot of writing about women.

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