Friday, September 28, 2012

On the CRT monitor

Viewing on an old crt monitor with terrible contrast but otherwise quite clear. My three year old LCD started going blank screen after  one second.  I'd push the monitor on button, screen would show for one second. Also, the monitor menu  wasn't showing when I hit that button. With no monitor, obviously I couldn't even check the monitor.  I figured if the PC had somehow set the monitor to go to sleep after one second, it would do it to any monitor, The old PC's crt works fine.

The malfunctioning LCD's screen was a little smaller than I should have ordered, & the HDMI input was pointless.  Cost comes to  about $45 per year of use, or $3.75 per month.   That's why I didn't purchase an extended warranty.  If the thing fritzes three years down the road (which it did),  I'm not wasting weeks sending it to an "authorized"  repair  location;  I'll just buy another one. So I ordered a new slightly larger monitor.     Didn't even give it much thought.  Went to CompUSA,  quickly narrowed down choices by price, size & consumer reviews,  crossed my fingers & picked one. Meanwhile, use the indestructible crt.

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