Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of the four siblings in my family, my sister & I were the  only two with a social relationship. It was centered around her home, which is large, comfortable, & near some of my favorite scenery in New Jersey.   My sister cared for me very well following serious eye surgeries in 1990 & 2000, & bailed me out financially once.  I visited most Christmases for 15 years, some Thanksgivings & July 4ths, & occasionally drove up just to spend a night & head up to Chester the next day to visit friends with businesses there. I have a good deal of respect for her husband for a number of reasons. My sister, a divorcee with two high-spirited kids, brought a tricky  familial situation to the marriage that overall I think he handled exceptionally well.

 I didn't give much thought to the dynamics of our relationship.  Didn't need to.

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