Saturday, September 22, 2012

If  like me you're a certain kind protestant uncomfortable with praying for repose of souls - it's not something  we do much, & in Methodism it doctrinally may not even be considered possible (I'd have to look it up), don't hesitate to ask Catholic friends if it will bring you some peace in your mourning.  They are accustomed to it,  it is important, & the very request is an  act of friendship for them, something they want to do for you & for  souls.

I cannot say with any certainty that we have a consciousness eternally entwined with God.   But if we do, we have it also when we are here in our burdensome  human bodies. The mystical experience repudiates the concept of  here & there. We are always in communion with the Divine, just unable to discern it from our side. Our separation from God  - & from each other - is an illusion. Dreams may overcome our resistance with metaphors that are wonderfully reassuring or disturbing.

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