Thursday, September 06, 2012

Comments DNC Day Two

Sorry to say this, & hope I'm wrong, but Elizabeth Warren strikes me as the kind of candidate who has all the goods except what you need to be a winner, whatever that is. Why is she not trouncing Scott Brown in the polls? Because she's Mrs. Landingham.

OK Bill, I'm being distracted now, time to start bringin' it on home.

Madam secretary, we're proud to say New Jersey has more made guys as a percentage of population than any other state. Trenton makes, America takes pork roll. Home of the Lakewood BlueClaws. Jon Bon Jovi. I just wanted to mention him while I have the mic. The first state with a magazine & hardcover book dedicated solely to being weird. WFMU, it's never too late to make a pledge. Some says it's the devil, some a Big Foot that got lost. I'll have two slices & a cherry coke. This sh*t I bought outside the hotel is some awful smoke, making me paranoid. What? We're doing that tonight?

Wait a minute, my phone battery is dead. You Jersey guys, just line up & take the microphone & say whatever you texted me to say.

WTF, who picked Ohio? F*ck you. f*ck all of you. We're f*ckin Jersey. You don't f*ck with us.

Wait a minute, who is that guy? He staying in a better hotel? Hey you gimme that mic back or I'll twist yer dam head off right here.

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