Monday, August 13, 2012

You wouldn't believe how much liberals can piss me off.

There's one liberal here in Jersey -  from an advocacy organization, not an elected politico - who annoys the hell out of me. Throw his contradictions right back in his face & he won't acknowledge them.   He's probably gonna toss  me off his FB friend list because I just got on him about his anti-hunting attitude, "hideous" that hunters actually pose "grinning" with their kills.   I'm surprised he didn't say it makes him "cry." He can summon up tears faster than Bette Midler  on a TV talk show when the host mentions "The Wind Beneath My Wings." Go protest McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, the smiling faces in their commercials biting chunks out of double bacon cheeseburgers & awful chicken tacos.  Go demonstrate outside  the meat death factories of the Midwest,  chicken "farms" of the South,  those grim conveyor lines of indifference,  that hire hundreds of undocumented workers, Americans find the jobs so distasteful.

A problem with liberals is we get sidetracked.  Take some advice from the way  Bernie Sanders thinks.  Decide what you really want your governments  to do,  & get outta people's faces on  the other stuff. I think the whole whole human race should stop eating meat. I think it would be a wonderful evolutionary step. Climate change might eventually force us to do it, or drastically cut down.   But I  haven't stopped. Don Imus is a vegetarian, entirely organic.  It's part of his cancer therapy, he's 72 years old  &  it seems to be working. But he's said, "If I could do anything I wanted  right now, I'd drive into town & order a steak."

Not the only thing about him irritates me. His group endorsed a Republican State Senate candidate here because she's pro-choice & pro marriage equality (which condemns her  to total irrelevance in  her party).  Raised money for her! But she's off to the Repug Convention next week as a delegate where she'll dutifully cast her vote for Romney, Ryan (by acclamation), & probably the party platform (I'll be checking up on the latter).   Then he'll be at the Democratic Convention as a delegate.

I can handle contradictions. Hypocrisy, no.


The Hooman Race ain't never gonna stop eating meat.

Yeah, cow and pig and lamb and chicken may be goners in the long run, but we'll still be chomping meat for protein. The only question is, what kind of meat?

What's coming next is, "Bugs is good for you, and good for the planet, too." And the sad part is, the movement will probably be led by liberals, with whom I generally associate.

Don't argue with me. Just shut up and eat your bugs. The children in America are starving.

You don't believe me? (About eating bugs, I mean) Then looky here:

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank
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