Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fatal Fail

When our NJ Department of Children & Families  fucks up, it can fuck up tragically big time. DCF administers what used to be Division of Youth & Family Services, now called The Division of Child Protection and Permanency. Call it "reform."

Frantic 911 call from Camden woman who allegedly decapitated her son: 'I did it, I did it'

Oh yeah, she did it, then stabbed herself to death. The head was in a freezer.  A FREEZER!  "I know what I'll do with my kid's head - stick it the freezer. Then call police. Or may call police first, head in freezer second."

Thomas only recently regained custody of son Zahree after allegedly leaving the boy unattended in a car in 2010, telling police she had smoked marijuana laced with the hallucinogenic drug PCP and blacked out in a nearby park.

PCP! A dope that makes you insane.  You have to be deranged just to ingest  it.  The shit made lab rats schizophrenic. Think 1980, South Bronx, angel dust.  No matter she was supposed to be taking Prozac. Prozac can make you crazy too. Prozac plus dope & booze? Good luck. We must wait on the toxology report.

Some neighbors described strange behavior by Thomas, who had just moved to the neighborhood from elsewhere in the city. Others saw no evidence of problems

Let me tell you something about cities, since I reside in one. People can't agree on what the hell constitutes "strange behavior." Or how to distinguish eccentricity from serious fucked-up-ness.  Too many people believe it's "normal" to beat children. Not "spank" them; beat them. Treat their dogs better than  their children, & not too kindly to their dogs. Over in Newark, police sirens & yellow crime scene tape attract hundreds  to their  own neighborhood "reality show" complete with corpse, weeping relatives, & lots of unfounded rumors.  Street corner shrines for dead gangbangers with holy candles, flowers, stuffed animals. Strange to me, normal in Newark.

Supposedly Thomas was being supervised with access to a range of services & counseling. We shall see how closely.

Just last year, a few miles from here,  three children slipped through the "safety net" & disappeared. Their Haitian mother  came under the sway of a crazy Haitian cult preacher - he's still out there.  The local school district was told they were being home-schooled.  End of school district involvement. Jersey's home schooling regulations are so bad that even red states with thousands of children being home schooled in evangelical Christian homes have far stricter rules & testing requirements. The children were imprisoned, beaten, starved, &  a little girl died. Only then was the horror exposed. Family knew, neighbors suspected.

To my knowledge there's only one independent watch dog group watching the DCF, Advocates for Children of New Jersey, headed by a  great woman named Cecelia Zalkind.

But if a DCF  agency wrongs you, & you want to prove your custodial fitness on your own timetable, it'll ruin you financially. It can even kill you, as it did to a guy I knew falsely accused of child molestation when he refused his ex-wife permission to relocate their child to Texas. He eventually cleared himself in court, while proving his ex's unfitness for full custody. All on his own "dime" - many thousands  of  dollars in legal expenses he could never recoup. Meanwhile, there's a psychotic parent out there with a knife at her child's throat.

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I know all too well the disaster that masquerades as child protective services in any state. Here in Los Angeles the are identified as Department of Children and Family Services. SERVICES? Like taking my grandson away for what turned out to be unsubstantiated abuse? Like when my lawyer took a picture of the "marks" on him while under control of DCFS that were the basis of the claim my daughter made these marks? And still, they took him away and gave him to that son of a bitch dead beat dad, and moved him to Chicago to boot. I'd like to say how I really feel, but I'm sure homeland safety would flag me LOL!
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