Friday, August 17, 2012

Nationals 6, Mets 4

Mets pitcher Johan Santana set a negative club record tonight by giving up six runs in his sixth consecutive game. Johan is the Mets' ace who pitched the first no-hitter in Mets history back on June 1. He's pitched a couple of good games since, but mostly he's been awful. He had Tommy John surgery last year & was on the disabled list for three weeks this season with a sprained ankle.

Mets manager Terry Collins was so deeply moved by Santana's gutsy no-hitter & what it meant to Mets fans that he called Johan his "hero" & could not restrain tears. We all felt that way that night. But Collins also expressed anxiety in his post-game press conference over leaving Santana in the game to throw 134 pitches on his recently repaired arm. Of course, he had no choice. But he had plenty of call to worry. Collins is an emotional man & he cares deeply about his players; most of them are kids up from the minors he had over-achieving for half the season until they ran outta gas. Santana is an old pro. Maybe the no-hitter did something not good to Santana.

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