Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keep running, Akin

Akin rebuffs Romney, Republican, calls to quit Senate race 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congressman Todd Akin, under fire for controversial remarks on abortion and rape, insisted on Tuesday he would not leave the Missouri Senate race, despite pressure from fellow Republicans and talk of who might replace him on the November 6 ballot.Akin - a staunch abortion opponent - vowed to stay in the contest against Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, indicating he represents a conservative movement that must be heard.

To the dismay of many Republicans, Akin's woes have cast a spotlight on a part of the platform party members again endorsed on Tuesday: a call to oppose abortion with no mention of exceptions in cases of rape and incest.

Why would Akin feel compelled to quit? He can win this election anyway, & he knows it. Missouri is now a red state, Sen. McCaskill's election in 2006 flukey.

Akin may have "misspoken," but his views are those of the Republican Party, & of Paul Ryan (a hypocrite when he says otherwise), & endorsed in the past by Romney himself.

The problem for the Repugs is that the Missouri senate race now has a national spotlight, & Akin's positions - the same as the Republican platform - will not play well to the few hundred thousand white suburban women I claim will largely decide this election in swing states. He's a Naked Republican: No abortion option for victims of rape & incest. Women receiving an illegal abortion under proposed Republican law would be subject to prosecution along with their rapists.

We could be in the middle of the second Great Depression instead of a stubborn recession (excepting the "1%") & I think you'd have to be fucking crazy to vote for Romney/Ryan if you cared at all about civil rights, that you'd sell out the rights of women, gays, minority voters, all under attack by Repugs. Democrats bought into most of the National Security State excesses, but we got something to hang on to.


Amen! I could not agree more with you!
I don't think he will win the election, which is why the dems are so excited.
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