Friday, August 31, 2012

I follow one left website regularly around election time, Kos, mainly for polls, & stop by other progressive sites as individual bloggers link to them.  I read only two personal political blogs on a daily basis, as others I like tend to be irregular. News headlines are from five  feeds on my Yahoo homepage, five headlines each: New York Times, BBC, Yahoo US News, Yahoo World News, & NJ.Com/Star-Ledger based in Newark from drawing from several Jersey papers in the chain. I have Fox News but usually keep it closed. Yahoo draws heavily from Associated Press   & also pulls from TV networks & Reuters. I'm not the most politically-engaged person around.

The impression I've gotten of the Republican Convention was that it was nothing much. The most "exciting" moment was also the strangest, Clint Eastwood's rambling debate with an empty chair. I need to read the transcript of that, might be some found poetry in it.

Hurricane Isaac was the major news story of the week, dating back well into last week when it appeared to be tracking toward Florida's west coast. That would combine hurricane & convention, not a bad thing. But Isaac bent west, following Katrina's path so closely on the same dates that weather websites were posting overlays of the two storms' five day cones.

I don't know how the RNC played in the rest of America, but it was no big deal around New York, even with Jersey's governor Christie as a keynote speaker delivering what was generally adjudged here at home less than his best loud, bullying effort.

Four years ago Sarah Palin electrified the RNC & party base & terrified half of America.  Cooler, rational minds at time noted her nomination for V.P. doomed John McCain's campaign, but Palin was the horrid living embodiment of everything loathsome about the right,  so monstrous, like a gorgon sister of Medusa,  many of us were temporarily paralyzed,  turned to stone.

Anyway, there'll be no 11 point bounce for Rmoney/Ryan. President Obama has great opportunity next week. Hope he takes advantage of it.

Being in the psych ward, the RNC was not one of the events anyone was interested in watching, so I saw absolutely nothing of any of the coverage. I did not, however, put together the fact that Isaac came at approximately the same time as Katrina, over the same area. That is pretty weird.
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