Thursday, August 23, 2012

Higgins gets his Irish up

This encounter with a right wing American radio host occurred two years ago before Michael D. Higgins was elected President of Ireland (largely a ceremonial post, but a great honor), just going viral now. I was unaware of it.

My grandmother used to caution, "You're getting your Irish up," which was about the only direct reference to being Irish my Irish-American "Nana" ever made.

When you "get your Irish up" you take the floor, there's no back & forth argument - that's over. It happens when you realize you're dealing with a complete fool. You intend to have your say all at once. You're angry. You step up on your "soapbox." With Higgins It's no longer a matter of "facts" but of decency. It's personal. If you're inspired enough, your language flies. Problem was, I stuttered.

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