Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Aurora massacre threw me off my writing game (so far as I have one) this week. No politics. Didn't feel witty. Wasn't worked up about the Olympics coming. Began & abandoned blog posts on such scintillating topics as "Why can't I enjoy Bartok's six string quartets?" Two 1/2 hour power outage last night in fine weather; PSE&G automated message when I called estimated an 11 am restoration of power, which would have put at risk a fridge full of food - hundreds of fridges filled with food in the small affected area, people who could hardly afford it. Put me in a terrible mood, sitting in the dark listening to Arizona kick the Mets butts over battery radio, knowing the power was on one block away. It came on about 1 am. The power restoration set off my building's clanging fire alarm, took 20 minutes to shut that thing off. The power failure shut down my building's emergency exit lights.

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