Friday, July 06, 2012


 A Village Voice Reader (1962)
Great Irish Short Stories, edited by Vivien Mercier
Out of sight Leonard, Elmore, =
Betrayers : a "nameless detective" mystery Pronzini, Bill.
My New York, Pete Hamill
The last king of Texas Riordan, Rick.
Thereby hangs a tail : a Chet and Bernie mystery Quinn, Spencer.
The dog who knew too much Quinn, Spencer.
The astounding, the amazing, and the unknown Malmont, Paul.
Fun House : A John Ceepak Mystery Grabenstein, Chris
The gods of Gotham Faye, Lyndsay.
All I Did Was Shoot My Man : A Leonid Mcgill Mystery Mosley, Walter
Raylan Leonard, Elmore,
Taken Crais, Robert.

Trail of the Spellmans : document #5 Lutz, Lisa.
LaBrava Leonard, Elmore,
Explosive Eighteen, Evanovich
The Drop, Michael Connelly (Bosch 2011)
Boca Mournings Forman, Steven M.
God doesn't shoot craps : a divine comedy of dice, Armstrong, Richard,
Beat the reaper : a novel Bazell, Josh.
J.D. Salinger: A Life, Kenneth Slawenski
Boca Daze. Steven M Forman 2010
Crazybone, Bill Pronzini 2000
Wild Thing, Josh Bazell   2011

The ragtime fool Karp, Larry.
Outwitting Trolls : A Brady Coyne Novel Tapply, William G.
Cop out Dunlap, Susan.

Shimmer, Norman, Hilary.
The risk of infidelity index : a Vincent Calvino novel, Moore, Christopher G
The flaming luau of death : a Madeline Bean novel. Farmer, Jerrilyn.

City of whispers   Muller, Marcia.
You suck : a love story   Moore, Christopher, =

Jersey law Liebman, Ronald S.
Pronto Leonard, Elmore,
Dog on it : a Chet and Bernie mystery Quinn, Spencer.
Pale kings and princes : a Spenser novel Parker, Robert B., =
Life: Keith Richards
Wanna get lucky? Coonts, Deborah.
L. A. mental : a thriller McMahon, Neil.
A few minutes past midnight Kaminsky, Stuart M.
Indemnity only : a novel Paretsky, Sara.
Lucky stiff Coonts, Deborah.
A whisper to the living Kaminsky, Stuart M.
A fatal glass of beer Kaminsky, Stuart M.
Minor in Possession Jance, J.A.
True grit; a novel Portis, Charles.

A trouble of fools Barnes, Linda.
Shakey : Neil Young's biography McDonough, Jimmy.
Indemnity only : a novel Paretsky, Sara.
The Big Bounce Leonard, Elmore
Feelers Wiprud, Brian M.


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