Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beyond the realm of what

Not only will I vote for Mitt if he adopts "Journey to the Center of the Mind" as a campaign song & gets The Nuge* to play it at the Convention, I'll encourage all my commie friends to do the same.

* Ted Nugent plays the magnificent lead guitar solos. He claims he wasn't aware this song alluded to a psychedelic drug experience. No reason to doubt Ted's drug-free lifestyle (he gets high on bloodlust), but it does seem a tad naive for that legendary late-Sixties era in the Detroit rock scene. The Amboy Dukes were a terrific band.  Note The Nuge's  conservative attire & undemonstrative movements, yet he still draws our attention. He didn't let the band pass this opportunity  off  with a sloppy lip-synch job.   

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