Thursday, July 05, 2012

Good riddance, Firefox

Once the most basic & trustworthy of browsers, the new version looked liked it was modeled on Internet Explorer circa Windows 2000. Even worse, it wouldn't enable my security software plug-in on Google search.  The plug-in showed green stars for safe websites,  red stars for potentially dangerous websites, & if I stumbled into a website with a trojan, the software threw up a warning sign & stopped me. Only once did it fail me, when a trojan was hidden in a photo link on a reputable news site, some idiot's oversight. But web travels take me to many music blogs, I have to be careful because some of these "blogs" are just traps for the unwary, usually people looking for free downloads of hit songs they could buy legally for $1.29, which doesn't interest me.  Without my security software monitoring a search, I picked up a virus that hacked my e mail. You may have received an e mail from me with no subject heading. If you did I apologize profusely. I never send e mails with no subject heading or just a re: & blank.  I think it's fixed now,  after  a password change & two different security scans, neither of which turned up anything. That was it for Firefox. Gone. They ruined a good thing.

The email scams don't come from a virus that comes from visiting a website. They come from opening up an email from someone you know and once you link to the site that is in the e-mail, it then takes over your email and sends the same link out. It has nothing to do with the browser Firefox. It happens whether you have Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. I got the email from you, but I already know about it. I've been hacked at least twice by the scam. The easiest ones to note are the ones that send the email from you to just one person at a time, as opposed to like yours, sends the email to your entire list. I thought the person was sending me a link to something I needed, and as much as I was unsure of the website I was at, it looked legit and THEN I clicked to the next page within the website and I was "damn, I knew it was a mail hacker." Just some FYI so you realize it is not a browser problem, and just getting rid of Firefox will not stop the problem. Just be careful about the links in supposed emails that come from your friends.
One more thing, you can set up Firefox to get around your security problems. You just have to know how to set your plug-ins and how to adjust your security settings from the tools section. It sounds like you just were not able to get past the little update notes that tells you they don't have a plug-in for this or for that when it updates, but the plug-ins are really there. I always ignore the notices. They are just blips in the browser notification process. Just another FYI.
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