Sunday, June 03, 2012

Union NJ

The Flagship
225 feet long and 70 feet wide, opened in 1938.

One of the most famous "roadside attractions" in New Jersey. Still there, ship-shaped, on an island in the middle of a crazy highway, U.S. Route 22. *  It's been a nightclub (in several incarnations), 24/7 men's clothing store, furniture store, now electronics store.

*For  generations, the Union County stretch of Route 22 has been  one of the first great tests for new drivers from the area.  Many stores are located in the center median of the highway between east & westbound lanes; you have pull out of parking lots directly into the fast lanes as cars & trucks  on the highway constantly change lanes to avoid other cars  turning in & out of parking lots & shooting out of U turn ramps. We believe if you can drive there, you can drive anywhere in America.

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