Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That is weird. My landline service went down late Tues afternoon, phone & internet. I managed to get a live person at Verizon, entirely by accident - pressing the wrong number, who ran a check & said the dial tone had somehow been lost at their end, they would turn it on by 1 pm tomorrow. Out of boredom, I just called my landline from my cell, the phone rang & my answering machine picked up. So I hung up, ran over, picked up the other phone, no dial tone. Hung up, picked it up again, dial tone. My Windows computer network center still says I'm offline & should contact the Internet service provider.

Used the evening. Going up to near 100 next two days. Listened to part of Mets game, walked to CVS for some stuff. Back home, Mets game on again (beat Orioles 5-0), wrestled a/c into window & got it sealed up, though I'll have to do a better job on that. Problem is that last year, for the first time since I've been here, some pigeons moved on my building, & there was a cozy little niche outside  next to the a/c that acquired  a pile of guano on the support board I take out at end of the hot season.  Flying rats as far as I'm concerned. I had to figure out out to seal off that niche. Temporarily taped a piece of plastic bag  over it. Need something little more inpenetrable.

Funny weather. Here in L.A. it has been colder than normal for about a year. In the city proper, we haven't had a triple digit temp in, gosh, a year? I'd have to actually research it, but just from my daily reading and how I have to dress, we've had a ridiculously cold winter (had to put the heat on more times this winter than I have in the past five years), and I haven't seen 90 degrees yet, neither last summer nor this spring or beginning summer. Mostly in the 60's and mid-70's. Very weird.
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