Friday, June 01, 2012

Special night for Mets fans

Johan Santana makes Mets' history, throwing franchise's first no-hitter in 134-pitch epic

In year 51, in game 8,020, in ballpark 3, the New York Mets have a no-hitter of their own.

Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in Mets history Friday night, the 275th in major-league history, and New Yorkers at Citi Field celebrated a moment more than a half-century coming, through the likes of Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Doc Gooden, Frank Viola, David Cone and equally capable pitchers.

But it was Santana, the Venezuelan-born left-hander, the two-time Cy Young Award winner whose career was threatened by major shoulder surgery in 2010. He stood on the mound after a grueling 134 pitches against the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals, punched his glove, raised his fists and became the first with an 8-0 Met win.

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Congrats! A long time coming for you suffering Mets fans.

Although Nomo got a 9-0 no hitter in 1996, my fondest memories of a no hitter was Valenzuela, who did it in 1990 (the dame day that Dave Stewart threw one)on June 29. I was in NYC at the time, and I remember the exact day and what I was doing and all that. I mean, seriously, I remember the exact day to this day! No hitters are amazing to witness, only second to a perfect game, the most recent of which was just last month by Phillip Humber of the White Sox.
Met fans are great. Sentimental, & unlike Yankee fans always very grateful for special moments.
oh yeah, Humber was part of the Santana trade, until last night part of the weird tradition of Mets pitchers pitching no nos & perfect games elsewhere while the Mets came up empty.
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