Friday, June 22, 2012


Got Sandusky. It will be more difficult to  bring the web of enablers & deniers to justice.  What the hell did his wife think was going on, the man sneaking down to the basement at night & staying down there for long periods of time? Let's be candid: Did he smell of sex sweat when he crawled back in bed with her?

 It isn't just that Sandusky "fit the profile" of a pedophile. One TV commentator noted everything fit the profile: him, his family, the insular quasi-religious Penn State football program, the charity Sandusky started to provide him a steady supply - & choice - of victims. & everything corresponds to similar conditions existing  in the Catholic Church.


I believe the wife is just as guilty, and that the abuse of the children served a purpose for her. Psychologically that is. I think when you dig into the circumstances of this massive crime against children, you will find the collusion of several individuals who supported and covered for the original perpetrator.
I was in a therapy group with denier, I don't know why she was in the group. No one else had a problem like that. Her husband was in jail for molesting her daughter, his step-daughter, she continued to visit him, permitted the daughter to visit him, & even worse, allowed her son to visit an uncle suspected of molestation. The counselor was far too kind. After four or five sessions I went to counselor, said the woman ought to be turned in to child protection services, I wasn't going to listen to that shit anymore, & transferred to another group. It probably says in my file that I was "uncooperative."
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