Thursday, June 07, 2012

Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotized

Written & sung by Bob Welch.
Bob Welch dead by suicide, apparently driven by ill health.
I hadn't known Bob Welch got screwed out of induction with Fleetwood Mac into the Rock Hall of Fame (shows how much attention I pay to that). Try getting from 1970's "Kiln House" to the 1975 hit-the-jackpot LP with Nicks & Buckingham without Welch's five albums as a full contributing member, & after Danny Kirwan left, as the frontman. All five LPs are good, & one, "Bare Trees," I consider a highlight from a year I don't recall as being a great one for rock.

Now here's a mystery. In 1970 a friend & I drove his girlfriend to the U of Rhode Island in my black Ford econovan.  While there,, we decided to drive up to Boston Tea Party to see Fleetwood Mac, quite a sidetrip. But it was a legendary rock club.  Opening for FM was the J. Geils Band, a local favorite, & they blew everyone away, including Mac. Now here's the mystery. I'm pretty sure the Mac I saw had Christine McVie on electric piano, & it was not the big blues jam band Mac recorded at the Tea Party in Feb 70 when James Gang opened for them.   I would have strongly resisted heading  into New England on a lark in the middle of the winter. I think I saw some post-Kiln House version of the band, after guitarist Peter Green quit, in Sept. '70,  which is why they weren't strong,  & that the other band, Fairport Convention, had canceled for some reason with J. Geils, the Tea Party house band, filling in.

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I wrote a piece about why I am not a fan of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and on the Wiki site for the R&RHOF it talks about Welch and what they did to him. Sad.
It sure is ironic that for a music born in rebellion & still to some extent driven by it at grassroots, that more rockers don't say "F.U." to the institution.
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