Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Primary Election Day

Elizabeth NJ Mayoral Primary
Oscar Ocasio 2,547 24%
x Chris Bollwage* 8,279 76%
This is even better than I expected.

The Mayor will receive no serious organized opposition in November.
At 5 pm my polling place was busier than I've ever seen it, & that includes 2008 primary & general. I don't know if it's good or not for my people. Two cops, I'd call that tight security, eying my black backpack with the white cat hair. I did see some Orthodox voting. I'd guess they're going with Mayor Chris Bollwage, who lives in the neighborhood. Mayoral primary, battle of slick flyers & brochures, daily mailings. No street money on display, no one standing on corners holding placards. No robo calls.

While I'm not great fan of the Union County Democratic Party machine, the bottom line is that their people legislate progressively. In my city the insurgents are from the right & are just as much a political machine, & even more an authoritarian machine with a "boss."

 Exasperated liberals often express their puzzlement & frustration that Gov. Walker could be reelected in Wisconsin while it's likely President Obama will carry the state in November; or that Scott Brown could beat Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts as Obama wins the state easily. It's difficult to unseat an incumbent unless the sitting legislator is a total screwup., or there's a general 180 degree reaction, toward Democrats in 2006 & Repugs in 2010. Many people ate inclined to vote against change. It isn't an ideological thing. They know what they got, they may not be enthusiastic about it but the incumbent is the devil they know. There's no way to slice it without becoming cynical. The voters are stupid, or swayed by campaign ads (Walker outspent Barrett like 10 to 1), the destruction of Wisconsin public unions over the past year. This is what we're up against.

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