Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Stroll

Funny, Carrie's Bar & Grill  just posted this video, & I posted same one a  few weeks ago for a friend's birthday.
The TV show is in Idaho (1958), only two couples know what to do when they pass through the line. In my town, where American Bandstand ruled, no teenage couple would join the stroll line unless they had some little dance step - or a whole routine - worked out.

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Wow, coincidence? I don't remember seeing your post of this video, though. I was just in that doo wop mood last night, and one of my fave songs has always been The Stroll, and of course, the dance part of it. Like you said, you didn't get into the line unless you definitely had a routine dance step!
P.S. Great musical minds think alike!
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