Sunday, May 06, 2012

Perth Amboy & South Amboy

Bridge across Raritan River at Raritan Bay

The only long, flat water level  causeway bridge remaining in Jersey is the Shore Line railroad bridge across this same waterway. The great bridge I think  replaced this one is gone (unless this one was renovated & later torn town).  Beesley's Point bridge over Great Egg Harbor Bay closed to traffic in 2004  & being demolished, although a section will become a pier.  Even worse, the beautiful concrete  bascule drawbridges - they look stucco &  are mostly variations on one design - that crossed several dozen tidal creeks, rivers, boat channels  & inlets between Sandy Hook & Cape May are being replaced  by high, stationary bridges that don't open, back up traffic, or occasionally get stuck open. Progress. A few will survive.

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