Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Governor Baggy Pants

I had an obese counselor for several years, a social worker. She was smart, experienced, a wit,  & helpful. Since I tend to stutter making cold phone calls, sometimes I'd ask her to make them & set up appointments for me, which she did willingly & quickly.  Despite her extreme weight she managed to dress very well indeed. I have no idea where she bought her clothes.  Her female clients consulted her for advice on dressing for interviews, applying modest but effective  makeup, hair styling. I look at Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who seems to get larger by the day & presents a huge target for sloppy fat guy jokes, & wonder, Can't he do anything to improve his appearance? I suppose there there isn't much that can done about fat guy baggy pants. But can't he get his suit jackets to hang better?


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