Sunday, January 22, 2012

& the winner is

South Carolina isn't representative of The United States. It doesn't want to be representative of The United States. That's the  identity of  South Carolina.

29% of the population of South Carolina is black, 99% of Republican primary voters are white. Newt blew the race dogwhistle (actually, it was an air horn), add in Mitt just being Mitt, & Gingrich gets, what? 8 delegates? 80% of the Repugs  voted for not-Mitt, but 55% still voted for not-Newt. So who's the winner? I'd say President Obama, who probably wasn't planning on visiting South Carolina between now & November anyway.

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The way things are going for the Republicans, I wouldn't be surprised to see Obama's organization go on offense in a few usually-off-the-Dem-grid states (certainly places like Virginia, Arizona, or Nevada) to tie up GOP resources and efforts. Obama's team is pretty deep and well-funded. South Carolina? Hey, who knows? Presented with the inevitability of Mitt, a lot of people will just stay away rather than vote for a Mormon.
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