Monday, January 09, 2012

For all the cabs I've taken in Elizabeth, today was first time I had a senior citizen driver.  Gent in his late Sixties I'd guess, friendly, calm, knew exactly where I was going (a section called Bayway) & best way to go there. Didn't get antsy at the really long light at Route One.  Had the sports radio station on, we chatted a little about Tim Tebow. The journey down that way goes through what used to be heavily  Polish & Irish streets, lots of post WWII "Cape Cods" crammed together, sort of an imitation suburbia, those were solid working class areas through the Seventies,  many refinery employees.  Now the small homes are torn down & replaced with  generic  two families over ground floor garages, some with small balconies, just as crappy as the capes - which started falling apart after 25 years anyway.  My appointment there was done about 20 minutes, I called for taxi & got the same guy coming back.

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