Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elizabeth NJ

Downtown Elizabeth about 1970.  Lower left is county courthouse with new jail & parking garage, but not a large annex behind that now has most of county offices. Across street lower left is main library before addition was built. My mom worked on one of the upper floors of the courthouse tower, great south  view, I was up there a few times.  Behind courthouse on other side of railroad is infamous Lord Sterling Motel, since torn down. Moving up diagonal Broad St. in front of Courthouse, old Presbyterian Church & graveyard. Modern building with square cap was Elizabethtown Gas headquarters, now Union College College. Upper right is coolest downtown building, art deco Hersch Tower. Railroad station is across from Hersh.  I reside about inch above the center of card.  My "downtown" is Elmora,  about an inch to left of top of card, same walking distance as  this downtown.  I venture to downtown Broad St.  about once every other month, usually to go to the library.

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What a great shot! I lived at the Lord Stirling in 1974 while my dad was on a temporary assignment; what a place!
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