Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zuzu's Petals

Maggie: Waddya want, Mary? You want the moon? Just ask for the moon and I'll give it to ya.

Bob: Not you, too? My annoying brother-in-law couldn't watch that movie without reciting every line of dialogue.

Maggie: Hater. This movie is flawless.

Bob: That's how I feel, so I told my brother-in-law to shut the hell up & watch it. *
It's A Wonderful Life. The rage, despair & abusive behavior George Bailey shows when Uncle Billy loses the money were repressed in him all along as a result of giving up all his reasonable dreams to make other people happy, & Bedford Falls, not Pottersviile, is a dreary alternate reality driving any intelligent person trapped there to madness. For Dante, both could be circles of hell. Bert the cop's irresponsible use of his gun, shooting wildly at George (who has no weapon) on a Pottersville street filled with Christmas shoppers is very much the kind of stupid, thug cop you'd find in a Bedford Falls terrorizing teenagers, whacking hippie hitchhikers 25 years later & burying them in an abandoned quarry.  This is why I like the movie.  (None of these thoughts are original.)

* Not true. Actually I went upstairs to the guest bedroom, listened to the radio  & read a book.  When my sister & brother-in-law went to bed I came back downstairs & watched a Dave Letterman repeat. 

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