Thursday, December 08, 2011

John Lennon

When Yahoo recently renovated its e mail  (asking $20 for something called Mail Extra I don't need), it didn't say it was shutting down POP service, which was taking  forwards of my AOL mail into the Yahoo box. Or maybe it was AOL that changed.  So yeah, Happy Halloween & Thanksgiving  to you, too.

Received an annual Christmas e mail from old old (high school era) friend with attached PDF file I know contains everything  about what his grown kids have done over the past year. I haven't opened that attachment in many years.   I  appreciate being on his list to receive it. But if you're gonna send those & expect them to be read,  you should send them snail mail with real Christmas cards.

I used to consider this one of John's more boneheaded political songs (did he  write one that wasn't?),  but now it sounds quite catchy &  prescient, funny, too. Springsteen ought to add it to his concert repertoire as an encore sing-a-long.


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