Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Waiting for rain to ease up so I can walk up to the mailbox.
My nephew messages me on Facebook that his father wants my phone number, so I should send it to my nephew.  Huh? I already have my brother's home address,  phone no, & his e mail.  Demonstrates how much we're in touch. A peculiarity of my family. Back in my later adolescence, when I resisted participating in any family gatherings, or did so grudgingly,  I assumed everyone else was kind of tight, that they communicated & visited  & cared about each other like "normal" family. Later, I realized not only were they much like me, they were in some ways even worse.  I became so aware of the distances, detachment  & indifference  that those became common  themes in my poems.
Back from the mailbox. Was doing alright, bundled up & reasonably dry until I stepped into a puddle that appeared about an inch deep.  Rain at 45°F.


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