Friday, December 23, 2011

aloha Christmas

Christmas sneaked up this year. Have to remember to tune in Letterman tonight for the hit-the-meatball challenge with Jay Thomas, Jay's annual telling of his crazy Lone Ranger story, & the incomparable Darlene Love singing "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"  - a Phil Spectorish production that must blow about half of Letterman's music budget for the year.

Mulling over some favorites, weirdests, of 2011. Nothing astonished  me so much as videos of  the Japanese tsunami, as amateur videos were posted on You Tube for months afterward.

The oddest was discovering I'd been "unfriended"on Facebook by my sister for declining to attend a birthday party. If she was 15  there'd be nothing remarkable about it. But she's 65. Still not quite over high school, apparently.

I know know if this was recorded in Hawai'i, L.A., or Nashville.


According to a Wikipedia article, the album may very well have been recorded in New Zealand!

Here are two sites that also mention the album - Tiki Brian and A Christmas Yuleblog.

Mele Kalikimaka!
That wouldn't surprise me too much. The most exotic incorporation of Hawaiian style comes from Indonesia, called kroncong, I know more about that music than I do about the music of Hawai'i.
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