Friday, November 25, 2011

Let's go crazy

Rioting over a $2 waffle iron. A customer pepper-sprays her competition for an X-box. Midnight lines outside Victoria's Secret (Santa's elf chemises on sale?).

Don't give me a waffle iron for Christmas.

If retail stores are so desperate, & consumers so desperate, why do this only on Black Friday?

We created this season. It isn't Christmas, so let's not lament the loss of some Norman Rockwell ideal. Everyone has a choice. Moderation is possible.

People aren't camping out three days so they can wrap up a 65" plasma HD 3D TV & leave it under the tree for grandpa.

It's  understandable  the kid demands a new video game player, but try to make the little brat understand you're not going to be trampled buying it for him.

The only people forced to be at the malls & big box stores at midnight on Thanksgiving are the retail employees & service workers. Only unionized workers  get the double-time or double-time-&-a-half for being required to work such outrageous hours.

The young woman clerk at 7-11 asked me, "Did you go shopping last night?" She's a cutie.  I know she's goofin' on me.

I replied, "Why?"

She said, "I went to Best Buy. I bought a computer."

I said, "For yourself?" She said yes. I said, "There you go. I'm sure it was worth it to you." She gave me the first & fourth finger sign of the horns hand gesture. I know she likes metal music; yesterday she had WSOU, the local college metal station on the 7-11 sound system.  I do not do hand gestures or soul handshakes.

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