Monday, November 28, 2011

Online Advent Calendars

Caritas Australia Advent Calendar
Caritas is a Catholic aid & development agency.

Busted Halo Surprise Advent Calendar
Busted Halo is a general spirituality website. This calendar features videos.

Trinity Church Wall Street Advent Calendar
The annual calendar of the  Episcopal Church in the USA.

Teaching Mom's Advent Calendar
Although designed for home schoolers, it doesn't seem to have much of Christian right agenda. Just in earnest about observing  the season with children. The "Advent Extras" on every page  features famous Christmas themed art, Christmas traditions around the world, crafts, & music.You can open any page at any time because it's from 2008.

Calendars beginning on December 1

Liverpool Museum Advent Calendar
My favorite calendar.

Christmas Magazine Calendar
Ideas for holiday decorating & entertaining.

Activity Village Advent Calendar
Crafts, activities, jokes, etc. for grammar school age kids.

Electric December Calendar

Annual daily showcase of short videos by young filmmakers from Great Britain & Europe. The city of Bristol U.K. supports this, very cool.

BBC 3 Bach Advent Calendar
The same calendar  & music every year but no one cares.


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