Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's very gratifying on my birthday to receive not only birthday greetings, but to have among those greetings expressions of respect  from people  I consider my peers (or betters) as a poet, blogger, &  DJ-on-hiatus still involved in excavating forgotten & obscure recorded music.

It's a strange thing about some people who disrespect you, that they think you don't realize you're being disrespected. Perhaps they don't comprehend how they're disrespecting you, which is giving them the benefit of the doubt. You can dislike someone without disrespecting them. But it's hypocritical to pretend you like someone you disrespect.

I seem to be attracted to serious people with a capacity for silliness. I don't mind brooders so long as they snap out of it occasionally. I have an unusual number of Scorpio acquaintances.  But one of the most "Scorpio" people I know is a Sagittarius.   I suppose an astrologer could explain that person; I might or might not buy the explanation.

My most Scorpio attribute is a typical one: I place a  high value on loyalty. This isn't just a matter of ego-stroking. The world is a very harsh & ugly place more than sometimes, everyone f*cks-up somewhere. One catches the occasional glimpse of something pure, transcendental, in the most unexpected place, & it's wonderful, & then it's gone, & one's heart breaks a little. If this happens to you, then there's good chance you & I will  get along, & a very good chance  each others' imperfections won't get in the way.


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