Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What will the neighbors think?

If you're a "What will the neighbors think?" type of person, what the neighbors eventually think is that you're a "What will the neighbors think?" neighbor. Then they begin to scrutinize you.

Now, people live on the same street for years  & remain mysteries to each other. "They seemed like a normal family."

If you want to be really strange, plant sunflowers & a few stalks of corn in front of your house.  But keep the lawn mowed & be completely inoffensive.

Waiting outside earlier for weekly ride to supermarket, about ten attractive young women walked past in a matter of minutes.  A group of three, then  two, then one, then another one ....  At that point, my old friend Jim would have remarked, "Rix, you have some fine-looking women in the neighborhood."


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