Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Herman & Newt & Mitt, oh my

Herman Cain appears to be contemplating an end to his presidential campaign. Democrats aren't the ones mainly fueling Cain's sexual harassment  & extra-marital affair problems; that's genuine news,  it's all on the record. Anyway, it's hard to believe America would take an immediate second chance on an unfamiliar African-American, much less  a former  czar of crappy pizza,  with no elected political experience whatsoever who couldn't get 10% of the Black vote if he walked through Newark NJ quoting Dr. King & handing out hundred-dollar bills.   Romney is the potentially electable Republican. I don't understand why so many Republicans would prefer to lose than nominate Romney.  Republicans are so much more effective than Democrats at enforcing ideological conformity. Once they got Romney into office, with control of the House & probably Senate, they'd  pretty much tell him what he couldn't do. & one of the things he couldn't do is bargain with Democrats.  They'd write the legislation, pass it, & Mitt would have to sign it.

"Values" conservatives  use "morally reprehensible"  "liberals" (like non-liberal Bill Clinton) to defend & excuse morally reprehensible conservatives  like Herman & Newt.  The failure of liberals to maintain the lofty standards of conservatives is sufficient rationale for conservatives to compromise their own.  For these conservatives, "liberal" is synonymous with "morally reprehensible." So are "homosexual," "Muslim," "atheist,"  "food stamp recipient," "Unitarian Universalist," "Hollywood celebrity," "single working mother,"  the list goes on....
There's a new  two minute video floating around of Jersey's  Gov. Christie in which he asks  President Obama (rhetorically, I think), "What the hell are we paying you for?"  But based entirely on what he says in the video, it's difficult to tell if he's a pissed off  Republican  or a pissed off Democrat. Christie has a media  crew that chooses sound bites.

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